Stick Collector

Stick Collector - Peace in 10,000 hands.

3mm ACM board
Latex on vinyl print
1080mm x 2350mm

Rajasthan. The Thar dessert. With me forever. Days and days and days of travelling dusty tracks and meeting people with such a sense of humanity, connectivity and a heart larger than the expanse that I covered in all my trekking.
The stick collector is a nod to NZ artist Warren Viscoe, who's sculpture named The Stick Collector I own with my wife, juxtaposed with the hardship of being the stick collector in the Thar dessert for your village where trees and sticks are rare and as treasured as golden nuggets. 

Fundraising for Living Well Counselling Centre. Providing a nourishing well in the desert of people's lives. Counselling that increases hope, connectedness and well-being. Proceeds will fund relationship counselling; building positive relationships and families.

The pieces will be on display at Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-po from 23 August 2019.

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