Library Notes 11 March 2020

Published on 11 March 2020


Top 10 books


New Fiction


To Bed the Bride by Karen Ranney

The Library of the Unwritten by A.J. Hackwith

Never Enough by Kelly Elliot

Gone by Leona Deakin

Boundary Broken by Melissa F. Olson

The Colonel’s Wife by Rosa Liksom

A Sister’s Courage by Molly Green

The Guilty Mother by Diane Jeffrey

The Christmas Wish by Tilly Tennant

All that’s Bright and Gone by Eliza Nellums



Pam Coleman – Community Engagement Librarian

Women’s History Month


What better time to take a look at books about the lives of remarkable New Zealand women than during Women's History Month. It’s an opportunity for both men and women alike, to explore stories that highlight diverse women’s experiences who have made positive changes for themselves, their whānau, and their communities.


Barbara Brookes's much anticipated volume, ‘New Zealand Women,’ charts the lives of New Zealand women from Polynesian settlement, through colonisation and the World Wars, to modernity. It’s a comprehensive history of Aotearoa seen through a female lens. Brookes depicts women from all walks of life - women who spoke out against government incursion on Māori land, women who worked on farms during the Second World War, women who painted and wove, sang and wrote.

‘Womankind: New Zealand Women Making a Difference’ by Margie Thomson & Simon Young, is a landmark book of profiles and portraits of fifty New Zealand women who have set out to make a difference in the world. These leaders share their views on what it’s like to be a woman in New Zealand today: the contributions they are most proud of, challenges they have faced and still face, dreams they have and goals for the role of New Zealand women.

Published in 1991 The Book of New Zealand Women, Ko Kui Ma Te Kaupapa, edited by Charlotte McDonald, Merimeri Penfold and Bridget Williams, grew out of a desire to put together an alternative history – an exploration of the hidden history of the women of Aotearoa. ‘With a Suitcase and a Sari’ also explores a similar theme of “hidden” women with stories of the first Indian women to immigrate to New Zealand. The book is written by their daughters and granddaughters and offers a personal and deeply touching insight into the journey of an immigrant.


The common thread in these stories is that they feature women who have set out to make a difference in the world, whether that be on a global stage, or in their local communities. They celebrate the success and diversity of New Zealand women across many spheres, cultures and backgrounds from the past into our present.



What’s On


 ‘In the Light’ by local artist Gill Knox, 1 March to 31 March Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō

‘Dambusters - Boffins, Bravery and Bouncing Bombs,’ Friday, 06 March to Sunday, 03 May

Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom

“An exciting and inspiring exhibition based on the ‘Dambusters Raid’ which was a combination of scientific genius, technological innovation, skill and heroic courage”.


Heritage room:

The Heritage rooms at Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō are manned by volunteers 10am-12.30 pm Monday to Saturday and Wednesday and Thursday afternoons 1.00pm – 3.00pm. Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom Heritage Room has the Research librarian available all day every Friday.


Thursday 12 March

Made to Sew: Learn some new skills and develop the confidence to use our sewing machines for your own, un-tutored projects. Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō Youth Space 10am – 12pm

Lego Hour: Shannon Library 3.30pm-4.30pm


Friday 13 March

Friday Concert: Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō 12pm

SeniorNet: Get help with your tablets, phones and laptops

Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom 10am-12pm

Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō 2pm -4pm



Sunday 15 March

Family Time in the Youth Space: Giant board games, craft activities and family fun in the Youth Space every Sunday from 1pm to 4pm. Come on in with the whānau!


Monday 16 March:

Raukawa Whanau Ora playgroup: Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō 9.30am-12.00pm

Toddler Time:

Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō – Children’s Library, every Monday, 2pm

Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom – Children’s Library, every Monday 2.15pm

Made to Sew: Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō Youth Space Age 13+ 3.30pm – 5pm


Tuesday 17 March:

Raukawa Whanau Ora playgroup: Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō 9.30am-12.00pm

Tai Chi Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō Main Space 10am

JP Service: Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō 11.30am-1.30pm


Wednesday 18 March:

Social crochet and coffee club: Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō 10.30am

Toddler Time Shannon Library, every Wednesday 2pm

Quiz Night: Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō 7pm $5

Digital Tutorial Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō, 2.15pm – 3pm or 3pm – 3.45 Booking Essential



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