Library Notes 17 April 2020

Published on April 17, 2020


Librarians in Lockdown!

Pam Coleman Community Engagement Librarian


Your local libraries in Horowhenua aren’t letting the lockdown hit pause on our programming and library services – in fact we are embracing that bubble. Coming up with ways to continue to connect with our users was a momentary challenge but our team jumped to it.


In our view, no matter what’s going on in the world, a good book can provide insight, comfort or a welcome escape. As the rāhui continues and many of us are seeking entertainment while staying home, reading offers some respite. If you are lucky enough to have a stack of books on the bedside table you are good to go!


If you do have library materials, please hold onto them for us until we can safely reopen. We want you to enjoy your items without worrying about fines and fees.


All overdue book charges will be waived over this period.


If  you have abibliophobia the fear of running out of reading material (not to be confused with ablutophobia – the fear of washing), our cardholders can access library resources and information on our website, catalogue and through our social media accounts. E-books, audiobooks, and online resources are available 24/7 on our website through our online platforms eWheelers and Libby. All you need is you library card, as it has your username – the W000 number and your password or pin – which is your library password (the one you log into your library account with). If you have forgotten your username or password or if you are unfamiliar with using the website or e-books we are a phone call away and can help you every step of the way. Our number is 06 368 1953.


As well as waiving the overdue fines on items for this period, some of the extra steps we took over the last few weeks include increasing our e-book collection to give you even greater choice;

For people who do not already have a library account we have introduced a special e-membership that you can sign up to online. Becoming an e-member of Libraries Horowhenua will give you access to our e-book and audiobook collection. To sign up, you can complete a form on the website link  or email us at [email protected]  or call 06 368 1953 and we will be in touch with your membership details.


One of the biggest challenges to us in the last few weeks is that we are used to connecting with our customers, many who do not use a computer or have access to the internet at home, face to face. We have sent out a newsletter with important  information to nearly seven thousand of those who have an email address. Importantly though, our team are now in the process of calling over six thousand customers to touch base, make sure they are well and let them know of any services which could help them. Libraries are all about information – but always with a personal touch! 


This unprecedented situation is challenging us to work, learn and connect in different ways. With all that is going on in our world and the need for physical distancing, the ability to be digitally connected with each other has never been more important.


It’s now more vital than ever that we all work together to ensure that we all have the right access, skills, motivation and trust to use the Internet, and our libraries can help you to do that.

Libraries Horowhenua is proud to be a Skinny JUMP partner to help make sure that affordable Internet access is available for everyone.

What does this mean for you? If you don’t have the internet at home, or know someone who doesn’t, Skinny Jump is a flexible pre-paid broadband which will allow you to access the internet at a low cost.  It costs $5 for 30GB of data, there are no contracts or credit checks, and the modem comes free of charge. Like a pre-paid cell phone, you just top up as you go.

Skinny JUMP is available to anyone who fits the criteria below and doesn’t have a broadband connection at home. If you identify with one or more of the following groups, this could be for you:

Families with children
People with disabilities
Migrants and refugees with English as a second language
Māori & Pasifika youth
Offenders and ex-offenders
People living in social housing
If you would like to refer yourself, or someone you know, contact Renee on 0272024944 or email [email protected] Find out more:


As we move into level 3, there is still a risk of the virus not being contained and we must work together to protect each other and the vulnerable in our community. Our libraries will remain closed. However it does mean that we can resume some of the services unavailable during level 4.

For people who are in isolation or physically unable to visit the library, we have a free service called Homelink. We will be making this service availble to all of our customers, including families. You can let us know what genre and format you are interested in so we will select the best materials to delivered to you. We will then pick up and deliver these materials to your door. At this point we are looking for expressions of interest in this service. Complete the form on our website email us at [email protected] or call 368 1953.


The Library has always been here to help our community through difficult times. Our facilities may be closed, but our team are working hard, from home to help you find educational and creative outlets to get you through this time. Of course, our team is also continuing to buy material, catalogue and prepare books for loan, prepare for the massive return of books, and make sure you have an awesome supply of new material for loan.


As our days at home continue, we are bringing you more virtual content through our Facebook pages and websites. Our storytimes, children’s reading programmes, book recommendations and activities may now look a little different as we practice social distancing, but we are here.


As we look to the future, rest assured, we are already considering the needs of our community and what support might be needed to help us all to recover and return to some normalcy. 


So secret is out, libraries do go beyond books!


Stay tuned!

Kia kaha!

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